“Creating Simple & Efficient Databases”


We offer solutions such as database management data analysis and database creation for business analytics in information technology that are specifically designed to solve business problems. Problems can include keeping inventory retrieving customer analytics implementing customer relationship management systems or training on new software.

Web Design

We create savvy in user friendly websites for our customers. Whether it is complex or a simple display site we are for affordable prices for small businesses and consult directly with the end user to ensure customer satisfaction, with free training included..

Software Applications

Yes, there is an app for that. At Data B.I.T.S., LLC we can create applications that are designed to mock a website or an independent software application. Using the latest software, we can develop it based on your specifications. Our applications are implemented and tested for you with free training for your staff included. We offer warranties on our software to ensure our products provide you with the absolute highest level of consistency that is robust and user-friendly.


Data B.I.T.S., LLC uses innovation as the key to data analytics. We are enthusiastic problem solvers, who are intellectually energetic, about possessing the necessary knowledge as expertise, to get the job done right for you. This is our collective vision.

Mission Statement

Data B.I.T.S., LLC specializes in data analytics the finding of new patterns in data. We build products such as databases websites or software applications that are not complexed in user friendly. Our products are simple and efficient as we work closely with company stakeholders ask liaisons to provide them with business analytical solutions to answer their business problems. We offer a unique way to inspire your business process to flow with ease by implementing business dynamics and applying it to your business needs.

Data B.I.T.S., LLC business value are:

  • Our services
  • The quality of work
  • Low cost structure to the customer
  • Customer revenue stream goals

As a business it is important that you invest the time to learn how your data best works for your business mission and how it adds value to your overall business needs. Therefore, it is important to us that we offer the most simplistic and efficient databases, websites and or software applications as a business solution. In addition, we offer free consultations to new customers to add ease to choosing the best option for you. We are confident in our quality of work and the ability to beat our competitors’ prices.