Kia Riggins, CEO Data B.I.T.S., LLC

Pioneering Success and Philanthropy at the Helm of Data B.I.T.S., LLC

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business analytics, Kia Riggins stands as a beacon of success and inspiration. As the CEO of Data B.I.T.S., LLC, Riggins has not only led the company to new heights but has also championed philanthropic efforts that empower future generations. Established in 2016 as a division of Young PR LLC, Data B.I.T.S., LLC has become synonymous with innovation and community development.

Lead Facilitator, AI for Workforce Program through Intel

Trained by Intel on the “IntelĀ® AI for Workforce Program” in the US. She possess knowledge of applying AI in the industry and demonstrated skills in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, OpenVINO in CV, NLP, and IoT. She can map and implement program contents to personalize curricula; train other facilitators, enabling them to co-develop presentable student AI projects; and develop, implement and/or contribute to building implementation strategy for US institutions.

The Genesis of Data B.I.T.S., LLC:
Kia Riggins’ journey as the CEO of Data B.I.T.S., LLC began with a visionary decision to re-brand Young Public Relations LLC in response to an overwhelming demand for technology services. Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between technology and public relations, Riggins strategically integrated a dedicated technology department into the company’s framework. This move marked the birth of Data B.I.T.S., LLC, positioning it as a leader in business information technology.

Partnership with Polk State College:
One of the key success factors for Data B.I.T.S., LLC was the establishment of a strategic partnership with Polk State College’s Business Information Technology Program. This program, specializing in database management with a focus on education, technology, and medical industries, provided a fertile ground for collaboration. The partnership has not only benefited the company but has also created a unique opportunity for students to gain real-world experience through a trainee internship program.

Empowering Students through Real-World Experience:
The trainee internship program initiated by Kia Riggins and Data B.I.T.S., LLC has proven to be a game-changer for students at Polk State College. By offering them the chance to work on real-world business analytics projects, Riggins has empowered these students with a competitive advantage upon graduation. The program not only enhances their academic knowledge but also equips them with practical skills that make them more appealing to potential employers.

Bridging the Gap: Local Companies and Community Stakeholders:
Data B.I.T.S., LLC under Kia Riggins’ leadership aims to be the bridge between local companies and community stakeholders. By supporting the mission to develop Polk State students through real-world experiences, the company contributes to the growth and development of the local community. This commitment to fostering connections and providing opportunities showcases Riggins’ dedication to creating a positive impact beyond the corporate realm.

Philanthropy and Community Development:
Kia Riggins goes beyond her role as a CEO by actively engaging in philanthropic endeavors that uplift and empower communities. Her commitment to supporting Polk State students aligns with a broader vision of community development. Riggins understands the importance of giving back and believes in nurturing the next generation of leaders who will drive positive change in their communities.

Kia Riggins, as the CEO of Data B.I.T.S., LLC, has not only steered the company toward success but has also become a catalyst for positive change. Through innovative initiatives, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to philanthropy, Riggins exemplifies leadership that goes beyond business metrics. Her legacy extends to the students she empowers, the communities she supports, and the inspiration she provides for future generations to follow their dreams in the dynamic world of technology and business analytics.

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David Riggins
Lead Developer

David Riggins, Lead- As a Developer at Data BITS, LLC, David Riggins is instrumental in crafting innovative solutions to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Leveraging his expertise in software development, David collaborates closely with our team to design, build, and deploy cutting-edge applications and systems. With meticulous attention to detail, David ensures that our projects are delivered on time and exceed quality standards. Drawing on his creative problem-solving skills, David thrives in dynamic environments, where he consistently seeks opportunities for improvement and optimization. As a valued member of our team, David Riggins embodies our commitment to excellence and innovation in every project he undertakes

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